Gavin Farley

CEO and Co-Founder, asembl.

Gavin’s the co-founder and CEO of newly launched, integrated live event and brand communications group asembl.

asembl. was launched to provide best in class services and products in the field of live events, incentive campaigns, exhibitions, marketing services, logistics, content creation and creative.

Launched in late 2021 asembl. is underpinned by Gavin’s vision to provide clients with a truly unique proposition that delivers a level of originality, service and value that is not often available in the industry currently.

Gavin’s a serial entrepreneur with new innovative products, services and concepts constantly under development.  These include an integrated event logistics, storage and stock management platform called Logiskit and a digital concierge app for independent hotels called AskYoyo.

With his illuminating vision, infectious passion and incredible energy, Gavin enjoys fantastic relationships not only with the people in the businesses that he leads, but also with the clients that he enjoys long-standing, robust and loyal relationships with.  He’s always fun to be around and the phrase ‘never a dull moment’ couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to describing Gavin.

His driving motivation is to do something in business that ‘makes a difference’.  A difference for the people in his businesses, a difference for the clients and brands that he works with and not least to make a difference for the community and environment in and around his beloved hometown, Portsmouth.

With further acquisitions and growth plans for looming, it’s exciting times at asembl.HQ