Annie Metcalfe, Head of Operations, Clear Partners

Head of Operations for Clear Partners, a thriving business development agency in London, Annie is fulfilling her lifelong ambition of travelling the world in pursuit of her career. Annie’s current role requires her to be organised, committed and energetic, looking after clients such as Red Bull and Peroni. Away often, Annie is responsible for taking winners worldwide on incentive and reward trips. She is responsible for all aspects of each trip, from idea generation through to budget planning and itinerary design.

Annie graduated with first class honours in Event Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. During this time, she also worked at major sporting venues around England. She then combined further study and work in Sydney and New York for two years.

Andy Shaw, ex Managing Director, Red Bull

In December 2017, Andy Shaw left Red Bull after 14 years, where he was UK Managing Director for 9 years. Amongst other successes, he was recognised for driving Red Bull’s UK strategy and ensuring continued growth for the brand in the UK marketplace. Andy took on this role with strong credentials having held senior positions for Red Bull in various locations including Sales Director and General Manager of Spain. He remains a trustee of Wings for Life, a spinal cord charity created by the Founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz.

After leaving Red Bull, Andy founded Seven Snacks. Seven Snacks features high quality, responsibly and locally sourced beef and chicken, marinated in natural ingredients which have been carefully balanced for maximum flavour with minimal sugar. The meat is slow-cooked to preserve the nutrients (especially the protein) and to tenderise the meat.

Working with Clear Partners for over 10 years Andy recently said “The Clear team just ‘get’ us; every element of every event represents our brand, to the point that they just feel like an extension of our company”

Suzie Imber, Associate Professor, University of Leicester

Suzie Imber is an Associate Professor at the University of Leicester, specialising in studying
the environments of the planets in our solar system. As well as her academic work she
undertakes public education programmes to increase understanding of science, she travels to
some of the most inhospitable places on the planet, and she won BBC Two’s search for future
Heavily involved in the European Space Agency’s BepiColombo mission to Mercury, Suzie’s
research group have built instrumentation that the craft will carry. Her other area of expertise
is Space Weather; using a combination of ground- and space-based instrumentation to better
understand the influence of the Sun on near-Earth space. This work has significant
implications due to our increasing dependence upon satellite technology, and also as we look
at the chances of colonising first the moon, then Mars.

Francesca Venturi, Incentives Manager, Quintessentially Travel Group

An experienced travel professional, Francesca Venturi has been integral in shaping the Quintessentially Travel’s Incentives Programme. Since joining the company five years ago, Francesca has driven the division’s strategy while creating tailored experiences for luxury brands. From consulting, creating bespoke itineraries and handling all operations and ground management, to acting as a brand ambassador through guest liaison and on-site hosting, Francesca is an expert in her field.

Believing in the power of travel to engage, reward and motivate, Francesca strives to gain an in-depth understanding of each business to craft a journey that is as relevant to the brand as it is personal to the audience. This, alongside a commitment to deliver a personal and personalised service, means her team can truly influence through the art of travel by protecting key relationships, enhancing a business and generating maximum return on investment.

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